Michael Skradis

Beginning his career in cardiac and electrophysiologic medicine then moving into the financial field, Mike Skradis has taken care of cardiac patients, coordinated the implant and subsequent care of pacemaker and ICD patients, and managed high-level merchant accounts with payment volumes into the tens of millions of dollars annually. He has had the opportunity to experience a wealth of life experiences through vastly different career choices. High-stress, life-and-death, millions of dollars, and corporate deadlines were all in a days work. Today, with his business partner Eric Burden, Mike has turned his sights toward the American dream of entrepreneurship. Focused on business building, networking, operations management, and PR/Marketing, he is settling into the Beauty Industry seamlessly.

Always a fan of music, art, and fashion, Mike has the opportunity to express what would only have been a hobby in the past. He has met some of the biggest names in the business; Nick Arrojo, Peter Lichtenthal (president, Bumble and bumble), Tabatha Coffey, Vidal and Elan Sasson, and the presidents of both L’Oreal and Proctor and Gamble’s beauty divisions. With the input and guidance from these stellar individuals, Mike is empowered to take BUNGALOW/8 Hairdressing into the future of expert services, advanced education, and unparalleled guest experiences.

Focusing on the mission of BUNGALOW/8 to make a difference locally as well as globally, Mike is concentrated on supporting the salon’s champion charities including Completely KIDS, CureSearch, and Project Harmony. Through the empowerment, health management, and protection of our youth, we will be able to look forward to a bright and positive future.