Kelly Heinemeyer

Kelly Heinemeyer is one of Omaha’s premier hairdressers with a cult-like following of blonde-haired beauties. Her real-world precision of advanced coloring techniques such as Balayage, Ombre, and color blocking allows her to create (and maintain) blondes all across the color spectrum. Her scientific and technical knowledge of color and tone has allowed her to create stunning results with a brush and a bowl.

As a blonde herself, Kelly finds a true connection with the special needs facing the integrity of the hair fiber. Her dedication to honoring the strength and stability of hair through all color services is awe-inspiring. Beyond blondes, Kelly’s technical prowess is perpetuated through an on-going educational evolution. She has attended progressive color, cutting, and styling classes at Bumble and bumble University, Vidal Sassoon Academy, and American Crew.

As a young, youthful individual, Kelly loves the little luxuries of life including weekly blowouts and world-class haircare products. Knowing that gorgeous hair begins at home, Kelly is devoted to educating her guests about the benefits of professional products and how to recreate her expert style themselves. She feels that true beauty doesn’t need to be fussy or arduous; all you need is a positive spirit, a motivated outlook, and an amazing hairdresser.