Jordan Palmer

A native Nebraskan, Jordan Palmer did not hear her calling to become a hairdresser until she lived in Austin, TX. She is a true embodiment of the “rock and roller” loving black leather, combat boots, and the classic motorcycle jacket. Jordan pairs these hard edges with classic feminine beauty showing that a modern woman can be sexy in her own skin.

Jordan has an affinity for sexy, versatile short haircuts for women and finds men’s grooming as a practice of art and precise detail. She understands that hair is a deeply emotional issue for men and women and is inspired by the energy, confidence, and optimism her work brings to her clients.

As a Brow Specialist, Jordan delivers an experience unique to BUNGALOW/8 Hairdressing. Her in-depth knowledge of skincare and esthetics, bone structure, and the technical and artistic “Golden Rule” measurements allows for her eyebrows to be worthy of celebrity status. Her skilled eye and exacting hand revolutionizes eyebrow shaping services for the entire Midwest.

Education and experience is the cornerstone of Jordan’s craft. She is dedicated to elevating her technical ability, scientific knowledge, and her artistic eye. Additionally, Jordan is committed to delivering exceptional guest experiences. Pairing artistry with service, Jordan believes that luxury is in every detail.