Alyssa Currier

Being the oldest sibling above 3 younger brothers, Alyssa has always embraced everything girly. She began dancing when she was 2 years old and continued for 19 years. Throughout this time, she dedicated herself to the extreme discipline and creative artistry involved with the fine art of dancing. This experience has influenced her as a stylist; she is attuned to the fluidity, asymmetry, and geometry involved in expert hairdressing.

Following high school, Alyssa attended UNO and Metropolitan Community College while working at a small Omaha clothing boutique. After working in fashion for 3 years, she realized her passion for beauty which is what lead her to cosmetology school. She has had the opportunity to participate in styling hair for Omaha Fashion Week and was subsequently published in Omaha Magazine for her creative work with the designers.

Alyssa has an affinity for simple, natural looking beauty, but appreciates progressive styles and fleeting trends. Overall, she the largest passion for people; her focus is to deliver exceptional services while inspiring confidence and self-worth through her exquisite hairdressing work. Alyssa says, there is “nothing more rewarding than seeing the positive change in someone’s demeanor after you’ve done their hair.”

The most important quality Alyssa took away from her tenure as a dancer was to always be well-rounded. She has been sure to transfer this standard to her business. Alyssa focuses on continuing to evolve through world-class education while challenging her own limits as a hairdresser. She commits herself to building deep relationships with her guests while honoring diversity and creativity in all forms.