Our premier WashHouse services may be scheduled as individual treatments or as an addition to any cutting or coloring service. Each concentrated treatment is individually customized to address the specific needs of your hair.


These in-salon services offer a revolutionary experience to achieve instant hair transformation. By fusing made-to-measure ingredients at the time of application, your stylist is able to repair and refine the texture of your hair while bringing out its inner radiance.  Because our system is truly tailor-made, we are able to address multiple hair needs in one application including nutrition, repair, color protection, and density.

Elixir Ultime

For the ultimate hair indulgence, the 24-Carat Experience combines the world’s most precious oils with a highly concentrated masque treatment to help deliver protection, nutrition, shine, and resistance.  Through this multi-sensorial treatment, your stylist is able to enhance the beauty of your hair and provide sublime hair transformation.


Our finest restorative treatment offers the largest amount of active ingredients, in the highest concentrations, combined into one complete formula.  This 3-part haircare miracle offers immediate, transformative, and visible results.  Only specific Kerastase network-salons are authorized to offer this dramatic experience and we have been chosen as one of those few elite salons able to deliver hair transformation through advanced education and exceptional technology found in Kerastrase’s Chonologiste.


We have perfected men’s grooming by incorporating massage, brow maintenance, and a treatment to address the specific issues men face today including hair vitality and density.  Through a professional diagnosis of your hair and scalp, we are able to concentrate on matters such as dry scalp, dandruff, hair loss, and excess oil production.  The Taurine and D-Biotine in this treatment help to fight against the enzyme responsible for men’s hair loss while Ceramide and Arginine fortifies, protects, and adds substance and strength to the hair fiber.