What does it mean to offer Kerastase, Bumble and bumble, and our line-up of styling tools?  It means that we are in the top 1% of the finest luxury salons in the world.  It means we have talent, taste, and the dedication to join hairdressing’s most elite groups of professionals.  It also means that we have unyielding standards and believe that continual training and inspiration can transform our salon (and elevate our industry).

Diversion is when products are sold in “unauthorized” places.  For example, all genuine Kerastase and Bumble products are sold exclusively in authorized salons hand-selected from thousands of salons across the world.  Although these exceptional products are only distributed to authorized salons, you may still find bottles in your local drugstore, online, or at a discount, big-box store.  Salon professional products you find outside of a salon are considered to be diverted to the “grey market”.

These diverted products could be a health hazard.  They are often counterfeit, diluted formulas or old and expired formulas that may not be safe to use.  Safety isn’t the only issue you need to worry about when purchasing any salon-only products from a local grocery store or superstore; you wallet may suffer, too.  Undercover shopping found that prices of these products were 10-20% higher than what they are priced in your salon.

Diversion also hurts the professional beauty industry by weakening the stylist-client relationship and e credible need for professional recommendation of the best products for your hair.  When you buy products from BUNGALOW/8 Hairdressing, you support our culture, your stylist’s education, and you help preserve the craft of hairdressing.  Also, you are sure to take home some high-performance products.